ENABLE Special Needs Planning

When he was only four years old, ENABLE Special Needs Planning Founder and President, Phillip Clark’s life was forever changed by the birth of his younger sister, Sarah, who has Down syndrome.

Despite not being congratulated by the doctors and receiving a long list of limitations for Sarah’s life, Phillip’s family committed to fulfilling their vision for Sarah’s GREAT life – a life filled with purpose and impact. Today, Sarah is 29-years-old and tutors second grade students in reading – an ability doctors said she would never develop herself!

Do you have a vision and a plan for your son or daughter’s GREAT life? Or have you bought into other people’s limited expectations for what your son or daughter with special needs can achieve and become?

Phillip began his career in the financial services industry with the intention of helping families with children with Special Needs Plan for their futures, but quickly realized that the industry’s standard approach to Special Needs Planning was very different from the way his family had planned for his sister’s life.

Traditional Special Needs Planning only helps families prepare for what will happen to their child when the parents are no longer around to provide for him or her. While creating a transition plan is absolutely essential, Phillip knew that the primary purpose of Special Needs Planning should be finding ways for individuals with special needs to live purposeful, impactful lives every day, based upon their own unique abilities, dreams, and goals.

With his desire to better serve families with children with special needs, thanks to the positive influence of his sister Sarah, Phillip founded ENABLE, a company that helps families create comprehensive plans for their children, tailored to their unique abilities, which allow them to thrive each and every day of their lives.

ENABLE guides families through five areas of planning (Vision, Life, Resource, Financial, Legal) so that they can create a truly comprehensive Special Needs Plan for their loved one. Having such a plan in place provides parents with peace of mind, knowing that their family, including their child with special needs, is well planned for today, and in the future.

To make the planning process as easy, efficient, and affordable as possible, the team at ENABLE has created the ENABLE Special Needs Planning SystemTM which allows families to complete their planning from the ease and comfort of their own homes by accessing a secure, online, interactive planning portal! It’s completely FREE to sign up and create an account. Check it out by visiting www.ENABLEsnp.com/PLAN   

Inside the portal, families can access planning resources, including:

  • Videos that explain the comprehensive Special Needs Planning process and help you get into the right mindset to begin planning
  • Planning Checklists for all five areas of comprehensive Special Needs Planning
  • Questions to Consider as you complete all five areas of comprehensive Special Needs Planning
  • Interactive Questionnaires that walk you step-by-step through the comprehensive Special Needs Planning process
  • …and more!

ENABLE provides families with two routes to creating their special needs plan. One option is for families to use the FREE resources ENABLE provides within the portal to create a plan on their own. A second option is for families to work directly with the ENABLE team to create their plans.

Like Phillip, each member of the ENABLE team has been individually blessed by a loved one with special needs and because of these experiences they are able to serve families with understanding and empathy.

Today, when only a third of families have a written plan for their future, it’s more important than ever that you take advantage of opportunities like the ENABLE Special Needs Planning SystemTM. We encourage you to visit their website at www.ENABLEsnp.com/PLAN to create your FREE planning account today and share this information with your friends and networks!

Creating a customized comprehensive special needs plan will allow your loved one to live a purposeful and impactful life – today, tomorrow, and every day in the future. Don’t wait to begin planning for his or her GREAT life! Whether you’ve already begun your planning journey or are just beginning, the ENABLE team has created tools to help you along the way. Click here to visit the newly launched portal and learn more.

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