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Our Mission

Hello, I'm Julia, and welcome to Beyond the Waves! My twin brother Michael was my inspiration to make this website. Michael is on the severe spectrum of Down Syndrome, and is completely non-verbal. However, that doesn't stop him from enlightening those around him with his kindness and happiness. My mission is to share with those who have never had any experience with those in the special needs community a glimpse in the life of someone with a disability. All in order to disband the negative image surrounding the disabled population in today's society.

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Michael's Journey

In this section, I include various posts revolving around Michael's life. Other than just sharing our trips around the beach, I include things Michael likes, his daily activities, and Q&A's. 

Other Waves

If you're looking for other blogs that we love in the Special Needs world, you can find them here!

Guest Waves

This section includes stories from real people who have loved ones with Special Needs. You can also find links to other incredible Special Needs blogs that also raise awareness. We love hearing and sharing other stories, so if you would like to include yours then please submit a contact form!