Michael's Journey

I'm beyond grateful to be blessed to have Michael in my life. Michael's Journey has been my main blog, and where I share the beauty behind growing up with Michael.

My inspiration for "Beyond the Waves" came from my background in swimming. It can be difficult swimming against the waves in the ocean, but if you look at it from afar and swim with the current, you can appreciate the beauty surrounding you.

Same with Michael. Instead of rejecting his diagnosis, if you learn to take a step back and have patience, especially after difficult "waves", you will easily discover the beauty behind Down Syndrome. 

I've applied this same concept to my life, and have learned to eliminate anxious or worrisome thoughts through maintaining this same mindset. I'm excited to share this advice in the near future of my blog! 

Guest Waves

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Other Waves

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Each of them have impacted our community through sharing their own beautiful stories, and educating other members who may not be affiliated with our special community.

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