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BBC 3 Living Differently Series

We had the incredible opportunity to be featured on BBC 3 for sharing our story and what Down Syndrome really looks like. Special thank you to Shannon, who did an incredible job of producing this, and to Alexis for his beautiful filming. 

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Daily Mail

Our recent documentary was also shared on the Daily Mail from the UK. Special thank you once more to Shannon Lane for the incredible video production, and Alexis Duran for the beautiful filming.

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Sivana East

Through Michael, I've grown into loving Personal Development, and strive to encourage others to be the best versions of themselves as possible. With the hustle and bustle of our modern-day society, putting ourselves first and being compassionate towards ourselves falls off of our priority list. 

I’m ecstatic for having a profile on their blog, which focuses on all things health, mindfulness, yoga, etc.

Some of the posts from my Self-Love page have also been shared on Sivana East. I'm incredibly grateful for them including our interview, and including my posts onto their page. 

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San Diego Union Tribune

So incredibly humbled and overwhelmed by Tod's beautiful piece on the story behind Michael and me, forever grateful beyond words.

You can find the link here!

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Fox 5 San Diego

Special thank you to Kalyn McMackin for our recent feature on Fox 5 San Diego! 

You can find the story here

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 Twinning Store

Check out one of our favorite #twinfluencers!

Through creating their own Twinning Store, these twin sisters love to "flaunt their twin-ness," and wanted to share that with other sets of twins.  They've got awesome twin clothing perfect for anyone's twinning needs :)

You can find the link to our little piece with them here. 

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Our Profile on The Mighty

We’ve recently made a profile on The Mighty to share our posts to others in their beautiful community. It's an incredible site that incorporates thousands of articles, and not just relative to Down Syndrome, but for all abilities.