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Our Mission

Today in our world, up to 90% of mothers who are expecting a baby with Down Syndrome decide to get an abortion, due to the lack of knowledge regarding the condition. Since a lot of prejudice exists around the disabled community-- due to behavioral issues, difficulty in lifestyle, and miscommunication-- many people never get to be touched by the genuine kindness radiating from these individuals.

This site is created not only to share the story of my life while living with Michael, but to serve as a portal for others willing to share their own stories, in order to help educate the community of how rewarding life can be while living with a disability (or with someone who has one).


If you'd like to include your own story or share your blog, please feel free to submit a contact form! The more we share the more we can raise awareness. So if you're looking to help alleviate the social stigma surrounding the Special Needs community, we would love to share your story! 



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Down Syndrome Education

"According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 67-85% of fetuses in the United States and Europe are aborted after prenatal screening for Down Syndrome. In most of these cases, these are due to a lack of understanding regarding the DS community. If it weren't for Michael, I very well too could have had the same outlook."

— Julia Toronczak, Creator of Beyond the Waves


About the Author


Julia Toronczak


I'm Julia, Michael's twin sister. I am currently finishing up my last year of Undergrad studying General Biology and recently finished my swimming career for UC San Diego. When I'm not assisting in the wetlab in the Knight Lab, I love spending time by the beach or cooking. Michael was my inspiration for making this blog. He is completely non-verbal, but never fails to show his love to everyone. He loves going to the beach and watching the waves, along with going on walks.