A Calming Device to Take You Under the Sea


Hey everyone,

So I found a promotion on Instagram a couple weeks ago for an ocean-wave night light. I figured it'd be something Michael would like, since he loves to sit in the dark and watch his trash-truck lights go off with the music. I did some snooping on Amazon and found one, and I'm SO excited that I bought it-- Michael absolutely loves it!

Michael really enjoys it since it's so calming and reminds him of the ocean. Below I've listed a couple of pros and cons that I've found, but overall am so happy that I bought it. 


  • Under $25
  • You can control it with a remote
  • Has 7 different light color settings
    •  we love using the blue one since it reminds us of the ocean, but there are various options with blue, green, and red
  • It also plays music! It has 4 built-in nature sounds, which are all really soothing and Michael really enjoyed them. If you don't want to listen to them, you can just turn the sound off, or connect your own device via aux cord and play your own music!
  • It has a self-timer to shut off after 1/2/4 hours, so it's great if you want to use it for your baby before bedtime
  • Michael LOVES it! It calms him down so well and he's so mesmerized by it


  • Not as realistic as I'd hope for. BUT for being under $25, I'm completely blown away by how great this device is! I didn't realize it came with music settings and could have an aux cord plugged into it, so I'm really happy with it
  • It's powered by a USB cord
    • as long as you have a power bank, computer, or USB wall charger close by, then it's no big deal

Overall, I'm so thrilled with this purchase, and really excited with the idea behind it. It works out perfectly with Michael, and I'm glad he loves it too. It's a great way for us to bring his love for the ocean a little closer to home.  If you happen to get one as well or have some similar devices, let us know in the comments! :)


Disclosure: The link below is an affiliate link, meaning that I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using that link. It won't change the cost of the item, and helps support Beyond the Waves, so thank you :)