A Beautiful New Book Featuring Some Beautiful DS Children

Check out the awesome new book written by our friend Dawn from Cedar's Story

Hello everyone! Hope all is well. If you haven't seen already, our friends over at Cedar's Story have published a new book. What makes this book even more special, is that it features beautiful photos of children with Down Syndrome!

This makes my heart so so incredibly happy! Books have a large impact on children, especially with their innocence. By providing a book featuring children who look a little different, it allows other children to welcome and love other children who may be different. When I asked Dawn what inspired her to make a book of her own,  her answer was truly uplifting: 

"I was inspired to write the book when I began looking for children's books relating to Down Syndrome. I found just a couple that had actual photos and they were board books. Then I found a number of books describing what Down Syndrome was, but that was not what I wanted. I just wanted books for my son with beautiful pictures of other children who looked like him. I had a series of books when I was a child that showed children having adventures with their farm animals and I loved those books. They were so neat to me because I did not live on a farm so I could imagine myself having all of the same adventures as those children were having. But then I thought, wait, there aren't any books like that for my son, Cedar, that is when I decided to create one."

We are so excited to see the impact that this book may have on changing perceptions about the Down Syndrome community! We especially love that Michael loves looking through the book, and seeing other children that look like him having a blast :) Michael loves reading the same books over and over again, so it's exciting to add another one to his collection! Go ahead and get your own copy with the link below!!

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Down on the Farm
By Dawn Alsept
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