To All My Down Syndrome Mamas


You are all beyond wonderful.

Many parents today are overwhelmed upon finding out that their child has Down Syndrome, due to the negative connotation revolving around the genetic disorder. That's why around 90% of mothers who find out that their unborn baby has DS end up getting abortions.

Luckily, my mother didn't experience that technology, nor would she have made such a decision. Although she knew that her life would change forever, she's done an unbelievable job of stepping up and giving Michael the love and support that he needs.

My Mama has done an immense amount of work to taking care of Michael-- from feeding him everyday, getting him ready for school in the morning (which is a HUGE challenge), and many others, she's done an amazing job looking over him and is an incredible inspiration for what she does with Michael.

She's not afraid to take Michael out to let him see the world, and has never shown any evidence of regret for having a child like Michael.

Instead, she proves how much of a blessing it is to have someone as special as my twin brother.

Throughout the time I've had this blog, I have met an incredible number of mothers of little ones with a little something extra. And in them I see the same unique, never-ending love that my Mama also has for Michael. 

I am constantly inspired by the persistence of these mothers in showing the world the beauty of their DS children. These Mamas do an incredible job of raising their children to know that they are fully capable of leaving rich, fulfilling lives. 

To all of my DS Mamas, we love you and continue to be inspired by you. Happy Mothers Day!