Happy New Year!


Hi everyone,

Happy New Year, and welcome to our page! 

Michael and I are twins living in our native San Diego. Michael has Down Syndrome, and has lacked the ability to effectively speak ever since we were born. However, that doesn't stop him from  understanding the world around him. Michael is extremely compassionate about those around him, and can easily distinguish between various emotions around him.

I'm currently in my last year of undergrad at UC San Diego studying General Biology. I live off campus but away from home, and it was a really difficult transition for Michael when I moved out. Four years later its much easier for him, thanks to living so close to the beach. He loves calm, peaceful environments, and the beach is perfect! Anytime we're around the ocean Michael loves to stare at the waves passing by. 

Although living with Michael comes with its challenges, every second spent with Michael is always worth it. Even with all of his medical complications due to Down Syndrome (open heart surgery, constipation issues, delayed cognitive skills) Michael constantly uplifts those around him with his fun, loving attitude. 

Michael is currently at a transition program at a local high school, for students with disabilities who just completed high school. During the summer Michael stays at home and enjoys reading, watching tv, going on walks, and especially trips to the beach. 

If you ever have any questions regarding what living with Michael is like, feel free to fill out the contact form provided under the Contact page!

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