Video Chatting with Michael


Hello everyone, hope you're having a great start to 2018 (still can't believe it's already here!).

Here in San Diego we've had one of our worst flu epidemics this year, and unfortunately I also fell victim to it and had to stay away from Michael. Thus, for this week's blog post I wanted to talk about Michael's transition to using technology as a way to communicate. Ever since I've left for school, we've always been working on alleviating Michael's stress over being away from me. As many of us aren't very favorable of change, Michael is the same way, but expresses it even more than we do. He was especially confused and hurt to see me stop by home last week after going to the doctors, without approaching him. As much as my mom or I would try to explain to Michael why I had to stay away from him, he was clearly upset with me avoiding him. Either way, that didn't stop him from showing me a smile the next day while we were video chatting :) 

When I first left home to attend school at UCSD, Michael really struggled with accustoming to having me away from home the first year. Three years later he's been doing better, but I look forward to finding ways to make it easier for Michael. That first year Michael learned to adjust communicating from the phone, but we've transitioned to video chatting now. Michael starts off a little shy (or butt hurt that I haven't seen him in a while, who knows), but after a few minutes he'll let out a little smile and express so much happiness.  

Michael definitely prefers in-person contact, but when that's not possible video chatting is the next best thing. Apparently he's been doing great Skyping with our family members from Poland who he hasn't met before, so I'm happy to know that he has been getting used to it. 

As always, if you have any questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to submit a contact form :)



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